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Battlefield 4 Sniping Tutorial. How To Become A Better Sniper In BF4. Автор видео: PICK_SIX 2013-12-03 - 14:06:22.Автор видео: GRMP 2014-11-13 - 11:26:11. FY JS Vs. Scout Elite Aggressive Recon Sniper Series Battlefield 4 BF4 Sniping.

"best rifle for aggressive recons" you were gettin a headshot everytime. Tybalt.5 лет назад. NEW SNIPER! - Battlefield 4. FRANKIEonPC. 5 лет назад.

Best Aggressive Recon Attachments / Rifle Setup | Battlefield... An overview of the attachments available to the bolt action rifles and my opinion on the most efficient attachments for an aggressive recon sniper. Best Sidearm & Secondary | Aggressive Recon Sniper Series We go over the top secondary weapons for an aggressive recon sniper, which one is my personal favorite, and the best attachments to make them a little more... Best aggressive sniper rifle — Battlefield Forums

14/03/2015 · M40A5 with 4x pso is the best for 50-150 engagements. If you want to go aggressive sniping, you really don't need to worry about long ranges. And for really long range stationary targets, the velocity don't matter at all. Best aggressive reco - Forums - Battlelog / … 25/01/2016 · What are your thoughts on what makes the best aggressive recon rifle after the patch? I'm not really liking any at the moment. L96 was amazing but by reducing it to 6 rounds it's lost it's lustre, same as the m40. Battlefield 4 "best sniper" rifle | BF4 Best sniper Sniping tips and tactics series. This episode: Which sniper rifle is best for range? Which is best for aggressive recon sniping ? Sniper rifles I review:

Battlefield 4 Aggressive Sniper Battlefield 4 aggressive sniping clips. HUGE BF1 announcement tomorrow! I stream every day at Save ...Hey guys today we have an episode of Sniper Sunday where I will be discussing one of the best aggressive recon rifles in the ... Aggressive Recon WITH SNIPERS - Battlefield... - Symthic… Aggressive Recon WITH SNIPERS. No, I'm not talking about running a carbine. Couple of personal questions about snipers in CQB.6. Aggressive recon. I'm not very good at it but its lots of fun. Im trying to find out the community's thoughts. Thanks for your answers. Best Battlefield 4 Sniper Rifle - BF4 Guide

Top Epic Battlefield 4 Feeds! (Aggressive Sniper, Best Objective...)

Agressive recon: M40 vs FY-JS vs Scout elite - BF4 Weapon ... When I quickly tried every sniper slightly, I have have been mostly using SRR-61 since it just feels so solid to shoot with it. Oh and I consider myself as "aggressive recon", I keep moving all the time. The Best Battlefield 4 Loadouts and Strategies Battlefield 4 is one of the few online games that still relies on classes for its loadouts, and as such crafting an ideal loadout becomes even more important. Battlefield 4 : Trolling Aggressive Snipers - video ...

Pour le sniper agressif, le headshot n'est pas le point le plus utile. En effet, les tirs à moins de 12,5m sont fréquents et à cette distance tous les fusil de précision OS dans le haut du corps.

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